Feeling overwhelmed by life, confused or anxious? Individual therapy helps you develop positive solutions to life’s most complex circumstances including depression, anxiety, women's issues, spiritual issues, trauma, bi-polar, addiction, eating disorders, grief, infertility, and coping skills. I am trained in EMDR (trauma therapy), Motivational Interviewing, CBT, and ACT therapy. Based on your individual needs we will determine what's best for you.


As an LMFT, I am uniquely qualified to help couples resolve conflicts and improve their relationships. Couples may wish to strengthen their bonds and gain a better understanding of each other. Premarital work can help couples achieve a deeper understanding of each other before marriage. I am trained in and use the highly effective EFT therapy (Emotion Focused Couples Therapy) and am certified in Prepare and Enrich.


Family therapy is helpful in family situations that cause stress, grief, anger or conflict. It helps family members improve communication, resolve conflicts and teaches skills to deepen family connections. Issues addressed can include conflict between parents and children, the impact of substance abuse or mental illness on the entire family. Effective parenting includes learning the balance of love and warmth, along with setting appropriate limits.



As a CADC (Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor) I help people overcome addictions to intoxicants, understand addiction and it's roots and help teach skills to cope with life stresses that trigger addictive behavior. It is also important that I evaluate any emotional, behavioral or mental health issues that exist alongside addiction to make sure that treatment addresses the "whole" person.


Set goals! Get unstuck from old patterns holding you back. Get tools you need to:
*Get clarity & motivation
*Overcome obstacles
*Identify your strengths
*Achieve your goals
*Create the success you


I am an experienced speaker and workshop leader. I am available to provide workshops, lunch-n-learns, and seminars on various topics including parenting, mental health and marriage topics. Contact me directly for further information and pricing.



Questions about whether counseling or coaching is best for you? Here are some guidelines to help you decide which best fits your present circumstances, needs and goals. Some professionals offer only one modality of treatment, but at Legacy Life Solutions, I offer both.

Counseling is best at dealing with something that feels "wrong": for example, emotional issues such as depression or anxiety, relational problems such as marital discord or a breach of trust, or the ongoing effects of previous traumatic experiences. Counseling is especially focused on healing and recovery.
There are different seasons and phases in life. You might do best with counseling at one time and with coaching at another. If your need is for emotional healing or to get through a time of feeling overwhelmed, depressed, confused or anxious, counseling is the best option. If you feel impaired in work, relationships, your emotional life, if you feel "in survival mode," or it is difficult to cope, counseling is the best option.

Coaching, focuses on a goal or vision for the future, or a desire to improve life. It focuses on being proactive, setting goals and taking action. While there may be certain things that are blocking a person's forward progress, the starting place is not with a "presenting problem" but with a goal of specific change for the future (business/personal). This can be a business or personal goal.

Coaching's design is to implement goals and to develop strategies to achieve a more balanced and better quality of life. If you feel in a frame of mind to make decisions and move ahead (though perhaps not being sure what decisions to make or which direction to move), coaching is an excellent way to get focused and begin to get traction - or to increase your momentum toward a goal you have already been pursuing. Coaching can be a way for people to define their values, identify their strengths, and jumpstart their creativity.